“A very practical approach to living with loved one’s with memory loss.  A must for family members of Alzheimer’s patients.”
– Sundance L. Rogers, MD, ABIM
Virginia Mason
“Remember I Can’t Remember is a masterpiece that is transforming and at times beautiful.  While it is a short book with big print it is powerful in its wisdom and real life application.”
– Roger Moore, PhD
“This booklet is a treasure, reminding us that life is always experienced best through moments of connection.  And especially toward the end of life, there is no need to fix or advise or correct.  Just to be present is the gift.”
– Rick Jackson
Co-founder and Senior Fellow, Center for Courage and Renewal
“This pamphlet proves the notion that, precious things do come in small packages.  It’s an honest, wise and inspirational story of the power of love and understanding.  Anyone would benefit from reading it.”
– Larry Nakata
Owner, Town and Country/ Central Market
“I learned how to better communicate with my diminishing, 86 year old Mother, who has advanced dementia.  Their booklet helped my siblings, and me understand her language and her needs more empathetically and patiently.  We became better caregiver’s for having read this memoir.”
– Laura J. Bernard
Dr. Gregory Keyes Medical Group
“My father was in declining health, exhibiting symptoms of dementia and potentially Alzheimer’s and frankly I was uncomfortable with the whole experience.  A friend gave me a copy of “Remember I Can’t Remember” and then he gave me some really good advice and suggested I read it several times in advance of a visit with my father.  The words of encouragement and advice have proved to be very helpful to my family and me as we go through this experience.”
– Robert M. Ling Jr.
President, Unified Grocers Inc.
“This is the best booklet ever!  I have read it from beginning to end and it is heart touching, helpful, encouraging and a perfect book for everyone to read.”
“We all will either be caring for and with a loved one or will be there ourselves one day.  What a gift you two have given to all of us, who are or will be, caregivers. I love this book.”

– Peg Tillery
Writer, Kitsap Sun and West Sound Magazine
“Everyone struggles to accept and care for a loved one with dementia, but there is no step-by-step guide to the way it will unfold for you.  This book is a must for anyone who knows someone with dementia.  Getting into the right frame of mind, trying to see it through that loved one’s eyes, is essential.  The author has really nailed this in a concise, easy to understand way.  I recommend it to everyone.  A quick, easy to read book that you will come back to again and again for support and insight.  It will help you remain compassionate and sane.”
– Dr. Kim Leatham MD, ABFP
Virginia Mason